Reading Room

In their book Creative Breakthroughs in Therapy Kottler and Carlson devote a chapter to Alfonso's work in consulting and education:  Creative Inquiry and Discovering the Unforeseen.

Alfonso co-authored the entry on Transformative Leadership for the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation.

A fun and inspirational book of essays about creativity Alfonso co-edited, with contributors ranging from Maya Angelou to Leonardo to Frank Zappa.

How is creativity changing, and what are the implications? A short piece on the future of creativity published in the journal Futures.

Can our travel and work experiences abroad contribute to our personal growth and development? Here's how.

A short article about the role of gender in organizations and organizational change: The Partnership Organization.

Spirituality in the Workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue. Alfonso wrote this book chapter with Riane Eisler.

The Integral Leadership Review, interviewed Alfonso a few years ago.

Alfonso's Amazon page with a selection of his books.