Alfonso Montuori, Ph.D.

Alfonso Montuori, Ph.D.


Talent Development: Leaders, Executives, Managers, Artists

Strategic Consulting: Managing Complexity

Individual and Collaborative Creativity

Individualized Consultation:

Personalized talent development, transitions, transformations.



"Alfonso has been a great help to me in my growth and development as a leader. His excellent ability to reflect back what some of your strengths and weaknesses are is very helpful in identifying opportunities for adjustment and growth. He has the ability to help you see yourself as others do in a way that is very productive. His genuine empathy and care for your wellbeing and our collective wellbeing is inspiring, generative and motivating. We all have tremendous potential locked up inside ourselves. Alfonso helps you find the keys to those internal treasure chests."

Quinton Zondervan, City Council Member at City of Cambridge

This (coaching) may be the most useful examination of my strengths and weaknesses that I have ever received. The insights it contains will provide me with a valuable roadmap for progress in my life. I am already putting into practice some of Alfonso's advice with excellent results.

Susan Labandibar, President, Tech Networks of Boston

"Alfonso is truly one of those thought leaders you will never forget. His presence and insight into creativity, leadership and specifically the power in business partnerships, have all profoundly shaped the way in which I do business. I cannot thank him enough for his deep knowledge and ability to communicate his ideas in a way I found so easy to apply."

Janice Caillet, CoFounder & Chief Catalyst iStartup