"Alfonso has been a great help to me in my growth and development as a leader. His excellent ability to reflect back what some of your strengths and weaknesses are is very helpful in identifying opportunities for adjustment and growth. He has the ability to help you see yourself as others do in a way that is very productive. His genuine empathy and care for your wellbeing and our collective wellbeing is inspiring, generative and motivating. We all have tremendous potential locked up inside ourselves. Alfonso helps you find the keys to those internal treasure chests."

Quinton Zondervan, City Council Member at City of Cambridge

"Alfonso's guidance transcends a specific organization or structure and speaks to the universal dynamics of human interaction. His advice helped me to stay true to my integrity, authenticity and convictions and become more impactful as a result. When it was time to push beyond my comfort zone, his coaching helped me to do so with confidence and grace. He was right on target and I highly recommend him."

Christine Albert, Chair Emerita, The Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards)

This may be the most useful examination of my strengths and weaknesses that I have ever received. The insights it contains will provide me with a valuable roadmap for progress in my life. I am already putting into practice some of Alfonso's advice with excellent results.

Susan Labandibar, President, Tech Networks of Boston

"I regard myself very fortunate to have received one on one coaching from Alfonso during my time at NetApp, and we've stayed in contact ever since. Alfonso helped me gain insight into ways in which my management style differed from Silicon Valley norms, and how my personal outlook and martial arts background provide me with a particular frame of reference. That in turn enabled me to become clearer in my communication and to utilize my strengths more effectively in a management context. Alfonso brings insight, wisdom, creativity and a deep humanity to his coaching work, and if you find yourself in a position to utilize his coaching skills, I highly recommend it."

Simon Chesney, Global Director, Program Management at HGST, a Western Digital company

"Alfonso's coaching has been an important touchstone in the development of my career. He has helped me explore possibilities and ground my work with accurate and useful feedback. His coaching is both practical and creative. I highly recommend Alfonso's services as a coach."

Cynthia Dote, Director of Engineering at Pure Storage

"Dr. Alfonso Montuori was a subject matter expert on creativity for one of BrightHouse's interactive workshops. Not only was Dr. Montuori very articulate and insightful, he was also very passionate and committed to the project. He was accessible, very supportive and stayed involved as the project progressed. His insights and expertise were foundational to the project and instrumental in the brilliant outcome."

Monika Nikore, Director of Strategy at BrightHouse, LLC

"Alfonso is truly one of those thought leaders you will never forget. His presence and insight into creativity, leadership and specifically the power in business partnerships, have all profoundly shaped the way in which I do business. I cannot thank him enough for his deep knowledge and ability to communicate his ideas in a way I found so easy to apply."

Janice Caillet, CoFounder & Chief Catalyst iStartup

"Alfonso has a great understanding of how organizations work, and how to be creative within them. His advice and training made me much more effective."

Bob English, Former Technical Director, Netapp 

"My company hired Alfonso to provide leadership consulting for management, and I was one of the managers who had the privilege of being in the program and working closely with Alfonso. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise in key areas of leadership that helped propel me in my career, and motivate me to expand my professional acumen. Alfonso's keen perceptiveness and intelligence was a key factor in not only my ability to develop as a professional, but also in the impact his work and influence had on other high-level managers in the company. Also, about a year ago, I had the opportunity to hire Alfonso as a consultant and speaker for a professional organization, where he provided enthusiastic, creative, and thought-provoking information to a large group of colleagues; his talk was informative and entertaining. I highly recommend Alfonso for consulting work, as well as any kind of people-oriented coaching/speaking or creative endeavor."

Pam Eaken, LMFT, LPCC, Past President at Santa Clara Valley Chapter, CA Marriage and Family Therapists

"Alfonso is one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He is a thought leader, always ahead of the curve in spotting connections and trends. His international background, academic training, and skills as a writer and jazz musician give him a rich and unusually broad and deep insight into creativity and innovation. I've enjoyed collaborating with him on projects and have learned a great deal from his writings and conversations."

B. Kim Barnes, CEO at Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. and Author

"I worked with Alfonso as a client after the completion of an intense software project as project lead. We created and shipped a successful new product on time, but the short schedule and personality conflicts within the team resulted in near-burnout conditions for a few of us. In software, that tends to mean long unproductive periods, change of employers, or both. Alfonso worked individually with me and the others to help us get through the burnout and learn from the experience. Through his use of recommended readings, written exercises, and insightful suggestions – some of them completely unique and surprising -- each individual session with Alfonso was extremely valuable to me. I skipped the “burnout” period and went on to several years of successful technical lead and architect positions at the company. Alfonso has made a huge difference in my ability to move from project lead/coder to become an effective technical leader. I would recommend Alfonso to anyone looking to enhance their professional effectiveness; I can’t imagine a better resource."

Rebecca Beaman, Senior Engineer

"I greatly respect and appreciate the skill and knowledge that Alfonso brought to the job. He had that unique ability to get to the core of an issue and bring it to your awareness in a way that made the issue acceptable and workable. If I ever need a coach again, Alfonso will be at the top of my list!"

Jay O'Dell, Engineer, Retired

"I first worked with Alfonso Montuori at Miami University (Ohio). He was a consultant for a new arts initiative on the campus. Since that first contact over a decade ago, I have continued to rely on Alfonso, particularly his work and expertise in culture and creativity. I have called on him to address university faculty, administrators, and students to help in relating critical issues and key ideas regarding the arts in our contemporary social context."

Roxanne R. Reed, Arts Administration

"There are many people who claim to 'understand' creativity. However, in my experience, few people have a really deep insight into the intricacies of the creative process. Alfonso is one of those rare individuals. He is empathetic, deeply intuitive and startlingly well-read: a combination of factors that gives him an extraordinarily holistic view of the creative impulse and the situations and factors that inspire it. Alfonso is also able to examine the process from both sides of the spectrum. As a highly experienced, and much-published, academic he has the intellectual rigor necessary to understand the nature of creativity. And as a highly talented musician, he also understands creativity on a deeply instinctive, gut level. Quite simply, in all my years as a professional creative, I have never had such rewarding and fascinating discussions on the topic of creativity as those I have had with Professor Montuori."

Mark Blanchard, Award Winning Creative Director