Reading Room

In their book Creative Breakthroughs in Therapy Kottler and Carlson devote a chapter to Alfonso's work in consulting and education:  Creative Inquiry and Discovering the Unforeseen.

Alfonso Montuori and Gabrielle Donnelly co-authored the entry on Transformative Leadership for the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation.

Creators on Creating is a fun and inspirational book of essays about creativity Alfonso co-edited, with contributors ranging from Maya Angelou to Leonardo to Frank Zappa.

How is creativity changing, and what are the implications? A short piece on the future of creativity published in the journal Futures.

Partnership can mean much more than simply working together. It can be a completely different way of structuring human relations. In this short article, Isabella Conti and I outline the difference between what we call real partnership, based on creating win-win relations, and the old understanding of partnership that is driven by belief in zero-sum relations of domination. We present some of the processes we have used in doing partnership education in corporations and communities.

Can our travel and work experiences abroad contribute to our personal growth and development? Here's how.

A short article about the role of gender in organizations and organizational change: The Partnership Organization.

Spirituality in the Workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue. Alfonso wrote this book chapter with cultural historian Riane Eisler.

The Integral Leadership Review interviewed Alfonso a few years ago about his work in bringing systems thinking, transdisciplinarity, and creativity to graduate education.

Alfonso's Amazon page with a selection of his books.